Integrating your SwiftCore site with Clonify has never been easier with the Clonify Certified App. This app allows marketers and site owners to seamlessly connect their SwiftCore site to Clonify, enabling them to configure essential sales and marketing automations directly within the SwiftCore platform.

Embed and style forms in Clonify

One of the key features is the ability to embed and customize Clonify forms within the SwiftCore Designer. Simply choose the desired Clonify form from the dropdown menu, and you can preview and style it just like a native SwiftCore form. Alternatively, you can also embed pre-styled forms using an iFrame, ensuring that any form updates are automatically synchronized with Clonify.

Furthermore, you can now connect your existing SwiftCore forms to Clonify by mapping them to corresponding Clonify forms. This integration allows you to conveniently view and update all connected forms from the App menu.

Connect your Clonify forms to SwiftCore

In addition to forms, you can enhance your SwiftCore site by incorporating Clonify assets such as approved campaign images or videos. This integration streamlines the process of searching for and adding relevant assets from Clonify directly to your site.

Add Clonify assets to SwiftCore

If you want to provide live chat support through Clonify, you can quickly obtain and embed the necessary code to add a Clonify chatbot to your SwiftCore site. This feature enables you to offer real-time assistance to your visitors seamlessly.

Turn on Site Tracking

To track visitor activity on your site, you can easily activate Clonify's Site Tracking feature with a single click. This automatically adds the Clonify tracking code to your entire site, allowing you to gather valuable insights into user behavior and engagement.

For more detailed information on how to utilize the Clonify App and its functionalities, please refer to the provided link.


Embed and style forms

Easily install chat bots on your site

Connect and add your Clonify assets


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Feb 1, 2024

Secure app

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Create stunning designs with AI

Create stunning designs with AI

Create stunning designs with AI